Is this a fair game?

100%! All our machines work with a Random Icon Generator – this applies to all players and all spin types (Gift Spins, Bonus Spins, Regular, etc.) for maximum fairness. With each spin you make, a completely random set of icons is generated on your reels. Every spin has the same probability for a winning combination or lack thereof, regardless of your level, amount of coins, length of play time, etc. are.

This applies in the exact same way for all our players, all the time. We do not control these odds for you, but wish you good luck!

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    Amy Rose Mddleton

    You guys might not have control of the Odds. But you do have control over the game.

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    Carlotta Jones

    Who ever is in control is going to get you guys in trouble with amazon I think what they are doing is not legal. They are messing with the fire stick  stopping me from downloading apps from the app store stopping me from opening up. Legal letters on my fire stick     understand me their controller my fire stick   are stopping from opening up my equipment they wont let me.finish I m going to get to the bottom of this with amazon

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    Robelyn Enmacino

    how to cash in withdrawal

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