How Do I Level Up?

The more you spin and the higher you bet, the more XP points you gain, allowing you to level up! You receive a coin reward for each level you reach! Every few levels, you get to:

  • Unlock more machines (we have over 100 - gotta unlock em all!)
  • Increase your Hourly, Daily and other bonuses!
  • Increase bet capabilities! This includes your minimum and maximum bets, as we want users with higher levels to be able to bet more, win more and level up equally.


You can watch your pink XP progress bar move behind the Gold Star at the top right of your game! Click on the bar to get some information about the next level you are working towards.


The moment your pink progress bar reaches the end, you've reached a new level! Keep in mind that you receive your reward the moment this happens - i.e. BEFORE you see the Congratulatory Pop Up: 


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