How do I get the new machine? How do I update my application version?

At Slots Craze, we strive to bring you new content every fortnight! So, when we do release a new machine, we want you to try it out ASAP! If you play on your computer through Facebook, our newest machine will be available in your Lobby as soon as we release it!

If you play on a mobile device (an iPhone, iPad, Android Phone/Tablet or Kindle Fire/Fire TV Stick), it’s important to keep your Slots Craze app updated – either make sure your automatic updates are switched on inside the App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Store, or go there often to check for updates!

Simply find the App Store icon (for iPhone/iPad users), the Google Play icon (for Android users) or the Amazon Store icon (for Fire users) in your home menu, go to “My Apps” to check for updates, or just find Slots Craze and see if the “Update” button is available! Only on our latest version will you be able to see our newest machines and content!

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    I had to delete Facebook and then reload it now when I go to slots craze it has me at level 1

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