What’s a Special Event (Diamond Hunt, 777, Scarab Hunt, Slots Craze Hearts, etc.)? How do I participate?

Occasionally, at Slots Craze, we run Special’ll know one is running because an icon will appear in the top right corner of your Lobby with a special icon on it. When you see it, simply click this icon to see: What event is on, how long it will run for, what the prize pool is (they’re usually HUGE: it is a Special Event after all), what the leader board looks like (this updates in real time) and where you are placed on it currently, how  many icons you’ve collected and much more.

Participating is easy, just spin!

The higher you bet and more you spin, the more icons you will collect. The more icons you collect, the higher your chances to place in the leader board and snatch up a prize. When the timer on the Special Event runs out, the event ends, the leader board is finalized and whoever is on it – wins! 





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