Gifts and your Gift Inbox

Exchanging Gifts with Slots Craze Friends:

You can send each of your Slots Craze friends 1 gift per day from inside the game: 500 Free Coins multiplied depending on their level, or 5 Free Spins. They, in turn, can send a gift back to you once a day!

To send a gift, just go to your Gift Inbox ("Gifts" in the bottom of the Lobby or the Gift Icon at the top) and select “Send Free Spins” or “Send Free Coins” to select friends and send out gifts – you can send individually or in Bulk to all your Slots Craze friends.

Remember – you can only send one gift per friend per day. So, once you send a gift to a specific friend, that friend will disappear from your Friend List when you’re Bulk Sending for the next 24 hours.



 Sending and Collecting Shared Gifts on Facebook Timeline

When you win and complete a Bonus Game, a set of Free Spins, a Cashpot, or reach a new Level, you can “Share Your Luck” with friends. If you leave this checkbox marked when you collect your win, you will share a post to your Facebook timeline, offering 5 of your friends Free Spins or Free Coins. In return, you can also keep an eye out for your friend’s posted gifts! Just click one and it’ll take you into Slots Craze and give you their gift.


Using your collected Gifts

Collecting gifted coins will add them directly to your balance. Gifted Spins however allow you to select which machine you’d like each set of Gifted Spins to be used in. Out of our 100+ machines, about 60 are available for you to use your gifted spins in!

Your Gift Inbox can store and hold up to 2,000 gifts at a time. If you reach this limit, you cannot collect any more in storage until you use some of your existing gifts.


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