Navigating the Game on your Computer

Welcome to Slots Craze! Let us help you learn to navigate your game. The first page you enter is your Game Lobby – here you can scroll through our 100+ machines as well as do some much more…

  • See your coin balance: at the top left corner of the Lobby.
  • Collect your Daily Shop Bonus from the Shop in the top center of the Lobby. When it's available for collecting, a pink bow will surround the Shop Button! 
  • See your level and level progression: at the top right corner of the Lobby. Level up by spinning to get bigger bonuses and more machines!
  • Check your gift inbox and send gifts to friends either from the top right corner (the Gift Box icon) or from the bottom right side (Gifts).
  • At the very top right corner there is an Options Drop-down Menu which contains: 
  1. A sound ON/OFF toggle
  2. A full screen ON/OFF toggle
  3. Slots Craze Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - what you're reading now!
  4. A portal to contact Slots Craze Support
  • Check the Lobby Banner for fun promotions and events – it’s on the far-left middle of the screen.
  • Scroll through our 100+ machines! They’re in the middle of the Lobby, the scroll is beneath them, on the right, or you can click/tap, hold and drag from left to right to navigate! 
  • See what your Daily Missions are on the bottom left and top left side of the Lobby.
  • Check the Slots Craze Level Leader Board in the bottom of the Lobby (left of the Special Bonus) – you can toggle between all players and just your Slots Craze friends!
  • Collect your Special Hourly Bonus every 3 hours from the bottom of the Lobby, in the center 
  • See what Special Events are on in the bottom right of the Lobby! If an Event is running or has just ended, an icon will appear in the top right of the Lobby too! 
  • The small text: right at the bottom of the Lobby you can check your unique User ID (on the bottom left, to the left of where it says "Fan Page"), and contact our Support Team.


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