I think I didn't receive my spin wins/bonus!

If you think you got an incorrect payout from a spin (and you've already carefully read that machine's Game Rules from the bottom left corner "i" button), or you believe you did not receive a payout from a spin or bonus of any kind at all, we encourage you to reach out to our Support Team and describe what happened, when, exactly what you saw and provide any screenshots you can to help them pinpoint the issue and assist. We have a helpful guide on how to take screenshots.

However, before you do that, it's worth knowing a few things about how certain things pay out. Read on! 

Level Up Bonus

Your level is completed the moment your pink XP progression bar (in the top right of our game) reached the end. The moment this happens, you have reached a new level and been rewarded your Level Up reward. Then, you are shown an animation to help you celebrate your new Level and share your Level Up with friends on Facebook. However, your balance at this point has already been updated with your Level Up reward. 

Free Spins

When you win a set of Free Spins, you'll notice there are two boxes at the bottom of your game: "Spin Win" and "Total Win" - keep an eye on your Spin Win and your Balance. You are actually rewarded for each Free Spin Win as you complete it. At the end of the game, you are shown what you won in total from all your Free Spins, but that amount has already been credited to your balance, spin by spin.


Special Events

The most important thing to remember about Special Events is that your spot on the Leader Board is never guaranteed. As soon as someone surpasses you there, you are moved down. So if enough people surpass your participation (i.e. the number of icons you collected) in the event by the time it ends, you may have even been knocked off the board entirely.

Big/Mega/Colossal Win

When you have a spin win which really big, as in: multiple times bigger than what you bet (total) on the spin, it's considered a Big, Mega or Colossal Win. To congratulate you on your amazing win, an animation will appear over your reels and similarly disappear on it's own, when it's finished playing out. This animation is just that an animation. You will have been actually credited for the Big, Mega or Colossal Win likely before it even started playing.


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    We bought 2 packages yesterday and we the payback button was frozen all day. We went to get our payback today and there is nothing there. We also bought coins awhile ago and submitted a complaint and received nothing. We play this game often and spend quite a bit of money. I would expect you to rectify this or we will not be playing again.

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