On my iPhone or iPad, I can't load the game/the reels won't stop spinning/everything is slow!

If you are experiencing any kind of technical issue in Slots Craze on your iPhone or iPad, like: your game is stuck loading up, one or none of the machines won't finish loading, the app keeps crashing/closing by itself, you're seeing lag, a freeze, or your reels won't stop spinning... we can help! Here is what to do: 


 Close all applications on your iPhone/iPad, following these steps:

1. Double-click the HOME button on the front of your iPhone/iPad.

2. All your open apps will appear as tabs on your screen.

3. Swipe each one of them away until there are none left.

4. Find Slots Craze in your home menu and open it


If that did not help, shut off your device completely and switch it back on again. Make sure you are connected to a strong WiFi signal and try again.


If none of this helps, or if you're stuck on any of these steps, just click the "Contact Slots Craze Support" button on the Slots Craze loading page and describe where you get stuck and what you tried. They will help you out ASAP!

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    Dawn Ward

    Did all the above, my game will still not load, it loads to about 1/3 green and nothing. Been like that for about 5 hours now.

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