My Free Spins/Bonus Game was interrupted, frozen or I lost it!

If you won Free Spins or a Bonus Game in any of our machines and then experienced an unfortunately timed technical issue that interrupted it (maybe your reels wouldn't stop spinning, or the application crashed, or froze or you accidentally closed it yourself), then do not fear! 

In Slots Craze we have a sturdy Bonus Recovery Mechanism. It will always ensure that your Free Spins or Bonus Round can be completed, no matter what happens. 

To use it, first shut down Slots Craze (exit out of the page on your computer, or close the app properly on your Android Device or iPhone/iPad or Fire TV Stick).

Then, reopen Slots Craze and open the machine you were in. 

If you had Free Spins interrupted, they'll simply continue from where they left off. Remember that your Free Spins pay you directly to your balance per spin so everything before the technical issue already paid out.

If you had a Bonus Game interrupted, when you re-enter the machine after refreshing Slots Craze, you will see a pop up that says "Bonus Recovery: Press PLAY NOW to continue your Bonus Game". Just click PLAY NOW and you can continue your Bonus Game!

If you're having trouble recovering your Bonus or Free Spins, contact your Support Team by clicking Support from the bottom of the Lobby (or the Options Menu if you use a mobile device) and describing what happened and when. 


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