I was charged for coins but did not receive them!

Ideally, as soon as you click Buy and authenticate your purchase (with a password or by confirming and correctly filling out a payment method), you should receive your coins immediately and directly to your balance. Sometimes, due to lag in internet connection or similar technical issues, there might be a slight delay between the purchase and receiving your coins.

However, if some time has passed and you still have not received coins, something has gone wrong. Here is what to do to resolve it and get your coins: 

1. Figure out if you were actually charged. Do this by checking your bank, or your payment method (PayPal or other). If you need help doing this, specific to your platform and purchase method, just shoot our Support a message.

2. Check your email for your payment receipt (the one connected to your Facebook and the one connected to your Apple, Google or Amazon account). If you see an invoice from Apple, Google Play, Amazon or Facebook (depending on where you purchased) with that specific purchase from Slots Craze in it, then you were likely charged. Please reach out to Support and provide them with the invoice. If you made several purchases that day (even if the others all went through with no issue), send them those too. 

Our Support Team will definitely help ASAP so please contact them. If you did not receive purchased coins they will be sent over to you right away. To reach out to them, open Slots Craze and either select "Contact Slots Craze Support" from the loading screen, the bottom of the Lobby when loaded (on your computer) or the bottom of the Options Menu on Mobile devices. Describe what happened in the form that appears and attch any receipt you have. 

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