Cashpots (Progressive Jackpots)

Every machine in Slots Craze has a special feature of some kind. Most have several! Some of our machines offer a Progresive Jackpot, or what is also known as a Cashpot. This is a Jackpot that grows as you spin, the rate at which depends on your bet size (the higher you bet the higher your Cashpot will grow) until you collect a certain amount of Cashpot Icons and you win the amount! Remember though, this means that if you are betting a low amount, or every time you use Gifted Spins, you get less (or no) coins towards your Cashpot. It only makes sense, if you are betting no coins, no coins can go to your Cashpot Collection. 

Every machine requires a different amount of Cashpot icons to win the Jackpot. For example, in Jade Princess, you need 150 icons. Make sure you read up on each game's rules by clicking the "i" in the bottom left inside each one. 

Once the Cashpot drops and you win it, a new Cashpot starts to build. 

Here are the machines you can find a Cashpot Feature in: Vegas Spins, Grizzly Wins, Fortune Bless Cashpot, Vegas High Rollers, Jade Princess, Return of Genie, Wild Buffalo, Reels of Ice & Fire, Tiger’s Temple, Oceans of Fortune, Cheshire Cat Mystery, Puppy Glitz, Wheel Strike, Wolf Valley, Toy Shop, Mountain’s Treasure, Tiki Tiki, Santa's Sleigh

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    Last Wed. I reported my cashpots show zero $$ amounts even though I have:
    Grizzley Wins 49/of50- but it shows Zero (0) Dollars. When I have just on more Cashpot to get it has. Where are the built up Cashpots?? Same thing happening on Return of Gene, High Roller, Jade Princess, Tiger's Temple, Wolf Valley, Toy Shop, TikeTike. I bet high and buy coins to build up the Cashpots--it's fun to me. I hate to go to another slot site but this is unsatisfactory.

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