How do I take a photo of my screen (a screenshot/printscreen)?

Maybe you hit an amazing payout, win or bonus, or successfully completed the day's mission just in time - you want to take and have (or share) a photo of your achievement. 

Also, anytime you contact our Support Team, a screenshot is almost always useful (often, necessary). 

On your Computer:
Find and press the "PrtSc" button on your computer, then open Paint (or Word) and press the "Ctrl" and "V" buttons together (or right click with your mouse and click "Paste"). Save the file!

On your iPhone or iPad

Press down (together) the POWER button (side of the device) and the HOME button (front of the device). Your screen grab is saved to your Photos app!

On your Android Phone or Tablet

Find and press down (together) the POWER button and the VOLUME DOWN button - this works on most devices. However, it might be specific to your phone or tablet, in which case you should have a quick search online for how to take a screenshot on your device. Or, contact us at Support, we will help!

Full instructions on how to take screen grabs on Computer, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet, can be seen here: - just select either Android, iOS, Windows or Mac. 

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    Socorro Gonzalez

    Now how do I share them to V.I.P.

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