I made an accidental purchase!

We're sorry to hear that! Purchasing in Slots Craze (or any other application or game for that matter) should definitely not be a 1-step process. Mistakes like this should not be able to happen, & there should definitely be an authentication process that you need to pass in order to for a charge to occur.

The first thing we very highly suggest you do is add a layer of security to all your in-app purchases, so this never happens again. Here is how to do that, depending on where you play:



1. Click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of Facebook and choose "Settings". 

2. Find and click "Payments" from the left side then select the tab that says "Account Settings". OR CLICK HERE

3. Here you can review your Payment Methods and their settings. You can also remove a payment method, ensuring you have to manually enter it every time you wish for a transaction to be made within an application.



First, Disable Touch ID and/or Face ID as authentication for a purchase.

1. On your iPhone or iPad, find and tap the Settings App from your HOME menu

2. Find and tap "Touch ID & Passcode" 

3. Under "Use Touch ID For:" make sure "iTunes & App Store" is switched OFF (and Apple Pay too, if you use it).

4. Do the same for Face ID settings, if they are available on your device. Just go back to Settings>>Face ID & Passcode and make sure "iTunes & App Store" and "Apple Pay" are switched off (if you use it).

Second, ensure the App Store always requires a password for a purchase.

1. On your iPhone or iPad, find and tap the Settings App from your HOME menu.

2. Tap your name and then "iTunes & App Store"

3. Enter your Apple ID and Password if prompted

4. Tap "Password Settings"

5. Under "Purchases and In-App Purchases" make sure you select and save the setting "Always Require"

Read More Here



1. From your HOME menu, find and select "Play Store"

2. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top right, scroll down and select "Settings"

3. Scroll down to "User Controls" section

4. Make sure Fingerprint Authentication for Google Play Purchases is switched OFF

5. Tap on "Require Authentication For Purchases" and on the pop up that shows, select "For all purchases though Google Play on this device" and then enter your Google Account Password to confirm changes. 



1. Go to your 1-Click Settings:

2. In the top right corner, find and click on "Disable 1-Click Everywhere" 

3. Make sure you see the confirmation message: "1-Click purchasing disabled"

Read More Here

If you would like to Request a Refund for the accidental purchase you made, HERE is how to do that.

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