Why was I overcharged for my purchase?

Slots Craze will never overcharge you for any coin package you choose to buy. 

However, our game works on Facebook, the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon Store and we must comply with each platform's individual and specific payment methods policies and conversion rates. So if you believe you were overcharged, here is what may have happened:


1. You actually purchased a higher-priced package than the one you meant to. Or, you purchased more than one package. 

To check if this was the case, you should check your Order/Purchase History or find your payment receipt/invoice (it will be in your Email Inbox). If this was the case and you want a Refund - HERE is how to request one.

It's also worth reading up on how to add extra security to your purchasing authentication process HERE.

2. You are seeing package prices in US Dollars but being charged in a different currency. The currency you are charged in depends on store you are registered to (so the Facebook region, iTunes Store region, the Google Play Store region or Amazon Store region you are signed into). 
If you are registered outside of the United States, you are liable to the currency conversion rates that Apple, Facebook, Google or Amazon use. Sometimes these conversion rates are higher than the current global conversion rate. 

3. Your chosen payment method is charging you extra fees. You may have selected a payment method which adds extra fees for mobile or in-app purchases. If this is the case, try another payment method, or reach out to the service provider (or bank). 


If this does not answer your question, you are having trouble following our steps or anything is clear, please reach out to our Support Team. To do that, open Slots Craze and either select "Contact Slots Craze Support" from the loading screen, the bottom of the Lobby when loaded (on your computer) from the Options Menu (which is in the top right of the Lobby). Describe what happened in the form that appears and attach any receipt/s you have. 

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