Activating Flash Player on Google Chrome

Since the release of a new Chrome version at the end of July 2019, you will need to activate Flash Player once, using the below steps (see our handy video). Following this, you'll simply need to "allow" Flash to run, when you restart your browser to play Slots Craze. 




1. When you try to enter Slots Craze, you will see a “Oops, Flash is Blocked” screen. Click “ACTIVATE ONCE” on the left.
2. In the top right of the URL Address Bar, a small grey puzzle piece icon will appear, click it and then on the appearing pop up (which will say “Flash was blocked on this page”), select “Manage”.
3. In the page that appears, switch ON the slider toggle by “Block sites from running Flash (recommended)”.
4. Go back to Slots Craze and on the “Oops” screen, once again click ACTIVATE ONCE.
5. In the top left a small pop up will appear, asking “ wants to Run Flash”, select ALLOW and Slots Craze will load!

From now on you can either ACTIVATE ONCE each time you restart your browser, or you can ACTIVATE AUTOMATICALLY and use our Chrome Extension to reach Slots Craze even faster! See our steps HERE.


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